Motorcycle Crank Case Seperator Splitter

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This listing is for a set of crankcase splitter / separator too.

It is an essential tool when performing a bottom-end engine rebuild.

It will work on most 2-stroke and 4-stroke vertically split crankcases, as the tool's adjustable arms allow it to function properly on many different types of bolt patterns.

This splitter also makes disassembling the crankcase by allowing the mechanic to safely push the crank assembly right out of the case halves.

This crankcase splitter is a must for disassembling vertically split 2- and 4-stroke crankcases.

It makes crankcase disassembly easy by safely pushing the crank assembly out of the case halves.

Adjustable arms permit it to be used on a variety of bolt patterns.

Both 8mm and 6mm mounting bolts are included.