Crankcase Splitter & Installer

Essential tool for your regular motorcycle maintenance!

  • Made in Taiwan with superior quality! 

  • This is a must tool for disassembling vertically split 2 and 4-stroke crankcases!

  • Comes with both 6mm and 8mm mounting bolts, works virtually most 2  or 4 stroke crankcases!

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crankcase splitter tool

Motorcycle Crankcase Splitter Tool

  • This is a combo kit: Includes Crank Puller/Installer Tool AND Crankcase Splitter/Separator Tool.
  • Crankcase Splitter/Separator Tool
  • This is a must tool for disassembling vertically split 2 and 4-stroke crankcases. Makes crankcase disassembly easy by safely pushing the crank assembly out of the case halves.
  • Adjustable arms allow it to be used on a variety of bolt patterns.
  • Includes both 6mm and 8mm mounting bolts. Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • The C-clip adapter (part # 1329270001) is required for cranks that use a C-clip to hold the primary gear on (common on many Kawasaki models).
  • Will not work on: Yamaha Raptor 660, Kawasaki Tecate 250, KTM 125/144/150.



  • Essential tool for regular motorcycle maintenance !

  • This is a must tool for disassembling vertically split 2 and 4-stroke crankcases!

  • Comes with 6mm and 8mm mounting bolts!


five-star reviews

360-Degree Adjustable Arms:


Features three adjustable full 360-degree arm rotation for complete adjustability, it can be used on a variety of bolt patterns and for almost any 2 & 4 stroke crankcases.

The arms fit an array of different bolt patterns, so the 3-leg frame is appropriate for many applications. This versatile splitter/separator tool is a necessity in your toolbox..


Please refer to above video for Demo!


Step 1: Place center of splitter/Separator over exposed crank end. Back out threaded shaft until the splitter sits over crank and arms are parallel and equal distance from case. 

Step 2: Using supplied 6mm or 8mm bolts, attach splitter arms evenly spaced around the crank and attach arms to the crankcase. (Occasionally only two arms will be needed; if so, space evenly.)  

Step 3. It is important that the splitter is properly aligned with the crank and the arms are parallel with the case. 

Step 4. Make sure all bolts are removed from the crankcases. 

Step 5. Using a 17mm socket or wrench, carefully tighten threaded shaft until case clears crank. 

Important: as the bike has been together for a while, things could get stuck together, you need to be very careful, not only make sure to apply the force evenly and gradually increase the force (trick is to use small hammer give a gentle taps), otherwise, you will risk breaking the splitter's arms or your crankcase.

Step 6. Disassemble tool from crankcase.

Essential and Time Saving Tool !

If you’re repairing or exchanging any component in your crankcase, you must disassemble your crankcase.

This isn’t an easy job, but you can count on ALPHA MOTO’s crankcase splitter/Separator to do the job. 

ALPHA MOTO ’s crankcase splitter/separator tool will split your crack case easily without harming the components.

This tool will drastically reduce the time spent trying to come up with a way to split your crankcase and is considered the safest and fastest way utilized by mechanics daily to split crankcases


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What's the warrenty?

We offer one year warrenty!

will it work on a 2005 blaster?

Yes, this will work for your bike. It will not work on a Yamaha Raptor 660. Banshee's ,Blaster's, and 450's can use this tool

Does it work for Kawasaki?

It will work, but you need to purchase a C-clip, and currently we do not offer this item. 


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