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motorcycle Carb Sync Tool



This is not your ordinary gauge set!

Each 2" gauge features 0-76cm/hg readings, shut off valve and all hardware is high grade chrome finish instead of brass for longer life, higher corrosion resistance and better flow accuracy.

Air flow control is handled by needle and seat valves instead of knobs. This helps to resist the dial indicator "bounce" associated with many other lower quality gauges. Set comes complete with black mold storage case.

It includes both 5mm adapters for Honda & suzuki, and 6mm adapters for yamaha.

Rubber Hose:φ5Xφ8X 950mm x 4

Extension Tube:
φ3.9X100L(M5*0.8) (4 pieces)
φ3.9X170L(M5*0.8) (4 pieces)
Cone Type Connector:
φ6X10X55L (1 pieces)
φ10X53L{M6*0.75} (4 pieces)
φ10X60L{M6*1.0} (4 pieces)

All Chrome Plated Brass

Spare O-Ring x 8pcs included

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