Motorcycle Fork Seal Driver 

Essential tool for your regular motorcycle maintenance!

  • Made in Taiwan with superior quality! 

  • Working range: 33mm-45mm

  • Adjustable driver size works on a variety of the motorcycles! 

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Fork Seal Driver

Fork Seal Driver 

  • Replacing fork seals is an essential process to maintain your bike, and here is THE tool you need to get the job done!
  • When you first notice the sign of oil on the stanchion tube's legs when the forks travel, it is time to change your fork seal.
  • If the leak is allowed, the oil will continue to run down the back of the fork leg, onto the brake calipers.
  • Eventually the fork will run out of oil, seizing the bushing surfaces which allow the fork halves to slide, eventually lock up the front end.
This is an essential tool for replacing fork seals:
  • working range: 33 mm - 45 mm.
  • Designed for easy installation of most fork seals.
  • Manufactured from carbon steel, split design with weighted body.
  • Works on most conventional or inverted forks.
  • Three jaw chuck may create pressure points.



  • Essential tool for regular motorcycle maintenance !

  • Every DIY motorcyclist should have one in their garages!

  • Protect your new seal during installation!


five-star reviews

Essential Tool for Replacing Fork Seal:


1. Take apart the fork ...

2. Slide the old seal off

3. Inspect the stanchion for blemishes

4. Oil the inner surface of the new seal with fresh fork oil

5. Slip the seal over the top of the stanchion and slide it down to the slider.

6. Adjust the tool’s plastic fitting to match the size of the seal by loosening the three cross head screws and decreasing or increasing the diameter.

7.Press the adapters against the seal, slide the driver tool up and down several times until seal is pushed into the slider

Check below product comparison chart for different size range, we also offer 48mm-54mm. 


Please refer to above video for Demo (You will get the full kit)!

Designed for easy Fork Seal installation

This fork seal driver tool has a two-piece design. 

The bottom plastic piece directly contacts the seal, it is shaped in a way that press the seal into the recess of the fork tube. 

The Top metal piece, is made of heavy metal, it acts like a slide hammer to smack the seal into position.

With a few up and downs motion, the seal will be properly seated in the fork tube.

Two piece design, with weighted steel body

Won't damage your new fork seals during installations.

The weight of the tool presses the seal evenly into the fork tube.

Adjustable size, no need to buy specific size for each individual bike

The tool is designed to install OEM lip style seals.


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Will this fork seal driver kit work for my motorcycle?

Please go to  and put your bike model and year in "Motorcycle Finder",  look for "front suspension size" under "Suspension" section. 

What material it is made of?

The chrome weight is made of steel, the fitting is made of high quality plastic. 

How to adjust the size?

The three plastic fittings are connected via a strip of metal, there are screws on the both end of the fittings allow for adjustments.

Can I use a PVC pipe as a seal driver ?

It will probably costs you around $200 up to have the seal replaced by a shop, when it comes to saving, a lot ppl might be inclined to the idea of cheap PVC pipe, the reality is it takes a lot more effort to find the right size one and set it up, and the PVC pipe will not stay in place, you will still need to use a hammer, it is just not worth the hassle.

This kit includes two drivers, can I just get one ?

Yes, we offer the individual one separately, see below.


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