ALPHA MOTO Motorcycle Trailer Wheel Bead Breaker Tire Changing Tool

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This bead breaker is designed for popping trailer, motorcycle, and small utility wheels beads

It features a long leverage handle with a padded grip and an adjustable height breaker with a pivot angle for comfortable ease of use, and a wide base for added stability.

Measurements: 28" long leverage handle, 24" x 26" base, and 14" overall height.

• Steel construction is built to last
• Handles rims from 10 to 21 inch
• Wheel can be mounted on adjustable centering cones or with rod on ball bearings
• Rod diameter is 13mm
• Largest cone point 31mm, made from machined aluminum 
• Durable coating will not rust 
• Frame rails can be adjusted for wide rims/wheels up to 12 1/2" wide
• Adjustable legs with bubble leveler to ensure extremely accurate and reliable wheel truing
• Adjustable truing arm