Motorcycle Carburetor Synchronization gauge

Essential tool for your regular motorcycle maintenance!

  • Made in Taiwan with superior quality! 

  • Highest quality in the market for synchronization gauge!

  • Comes with both 5mm and 6mm brass adapters, works virtually all make of motorcycles

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motorcycle Carb Sync Tool
This is not your ordinary gauge set!

Each 2" gauge features 0-76cm/hg readings, shut off valve and all hardware is high grade chrome finish instead of brass for longer life, higher corrosion resistance and better flow accuracy.

Air flow control is handled by needle and seat valves instead of knobs. This helps to resist the dial indicator "bounce" associated with many other lower quality gauges. Set comes complete with black mold storage case.

It includes both 5mm adapters for Honda & suzuki, and 6mm adapters for yamaha.

Rubber Hose:φ5Xφ8X 950mm x 4

Extension Tube:
φ3.9X100L(M5*0.8) (4 pieces)
φ3.9X170L(M5*0.8) (4 pieces)
Cone Type Connector:
φ6X10X55L (1 pieces)
φ10X53L{M6*0.75} (4 pieces)
φ10X60L{M6*1.0} (4 pieces)

All Chrome Plated Brass

Spare O-Ring x 8pcs included



  • Essential tool for regular motorcycle maintenance !

  • Every DIY motorcyclist should have one in their garages!

  • Good inexpensive solution to improve your bike's performance!


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ALPHA MOTO carburetor synchronization gauge, synchronizer

Each gauge comes with its own air flow control:

The red circled control mechanism below each gauge allows the user to adjust how much vacuum gets sucked into the gauge, it will prevent the needle bounce all over the place.


Please refer to above video for setup and tuning process!

Set up procedure

1. Position the gauge properly.

2. Set up the gauge as per picture indicated.

Connect the hoses with valves, attaching the rubber hoses with the gauge.

3. Remove the vacuum attachment plug-screws from the carburetor flanges or intake manifolds and install the brass adapters in these holes ( long adapters to inside carbs and short adapters to the outside carbs).

*Run the engine until operating temperature is reached, carburetors must be adjusted with engine warm and the choke fully open

Tuning Procedure

1. Start the engine, let it idle and check the gauges.

2. If the needles are bounced all over the place, adjust the valves slightly, the needles will flutter, but should not oscillate more than one graduation on the gauge faces.

3. If one gauge is out of sync, adjust the adjusting screw between carbs until the sync is obtained.

4. Shut off the bike, give the throttle a few snap-backs,let the bike settles in the new setup, and repeat the process until desired result is achieved.


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Can i use this to tune my carbs on my mercury outboard boat motor?

Yes, so long as the carbs have threaded vacuum ports that match the threads on the gauge tubes. There are several different thread sizes (5mm or 6mm) available for various carbs and throttle bodies

Does it have in line (or in hose) adjuster to cut down on needle fluctuation?

Yes, it does. It comes with 4 plastic in-line adjusters,  you will need to cut a section of each hose and attach the plastic valve with each end of hoses (see setup procedure).

Will this unit work with a Johnson or Evinrude carbureted 2 cyl, 3 cyl, 4 cyl and v6 outboard motor?

For V6, you can sync 4 carbs first, then sync another set of 3 or 4, or you can buy another set of two cylinder gauge (check below combo section), so you can sync all 6 carbs together. 

Is this the only tool you will need to synchro a carb? Or are there other separate tools required?

You will  an auxiliary gas tank (check below combo section) and a long Philips screwdriver to access the adjustment screws. 

Are the dial faces made of glass or plastic?

It is made of plastic.

Will this work 1989 yamaha fzr 1000 with mikuni carbs

Yes, it is universal application, it comes with 6mm adapter, which will fit for your bike.

How about fuel injection throttle bodies?

Sorry, no.


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