Motorcycle Air Shock Pump

Essential tool for Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycles!

  • Made in Taiwan with superior quality! 

  • Controllable "micro bleed" valve allows precise adjustment to air volume !

  • "No loss" air connector maintains shock pressure when the fitting is removed

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motorcycle air shock pump

Motorcycle Air Shock Pump

  • The listing is for one Air shock pump. it is used to adjust air suspension pressure in front or rear suspensions. It can be used on Harley touring Dresser bagger (which use a pneumatic rear suspension system requires to be adjusted during each rider and luggage weight changes), or any motorcycle with air shocks, it also can be used on bicycles.
  • Unlike a bicycle pump or a fuel station air hose, the hand operated pump with controllable "micro bleed" valve allows precise adjustment to air volume, and the "no loss" air connector maintains shock pressure when the fitting is removed.
  • Gauge is made of die case, face dia: 1.5"
  • Reads 0-60 psi (also 100xkPa).
  • 4.1 Maximum Bar Reading
  • 1 PSI Increments
  • Overall length is about 9", takes very little room in your storage bag. 



  • Essential tool for Harley touring Dresser Bagger!

  • Designed to allow safe and simple adjustment of the front and rear air suspension on Touring motorcycles!

  • Compact, lightweight and durable!


Simple Setup:

1. Remove valve stem cap, thread the swivel head of the pump hose onto the valve stem

2. Pump the air shock pump, usually pump it up a little higher then the specific PSI you want.

3. Use the bleeder button to release excess air in order to reach the desired PSI.

4. Remove the pump, the O-ring in the swivel head will prevent any air from escaping out of the fork.


Please refer to above video for Demo!

No air escaping coupling

In the swivel head of the hose, there is a small built-in O-ring will seal in the valve stem. 

When pump in the air, it presses down and opens the valve stem.

This neat feature will prevent any air from escaping during attaching or removing the pump from the valve stem

(if it doesn't register air when pumping, very likely, you need to replace the valve stem)

Built-in bleeder button

With the built-in air control bleeder button 

the user can bleed the excess air from the suspension system until the desired pressure is achieved.

Why this pump is right for you?

 Recommended Pressures
Shock LoadingPSI kPa
Single rider under 160 lbs. 0-50-34.4
Single rider 160-200 lbs.0-100-68.8
Single rider over 200 lbs.5-1034.4-68.8
Two-up180 lb rider and 120-150 lb passenger20-30137.6-206.4
Two-up180 lb rider and 160 lb passenger25-35172-240.8
Two-up and Fully loaded Bags40-50275.2-344
Maximum Pressure50344
Note1: The above are recommended Starting points; adjust to suit load conditions,riding style and comfort desired.
Note 2: Lessinitial pressure does not necessarily result in a softer ride.
Therefore this pump is ideal choice for your Harley Touring bikes as the working range is 0-60 PSI, which offers precision increments for your bike!


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What is the warranty?

We offer one year warranty!

How do u keep Air from bleeding out when unscrewed?

 Our air shock pump has a head designed to not release air from the shock’s air chamber when unscrewing the valve, when you detach the pump from the valve, you will inevitably hear air escape – this is coming from the chamber and hose of the pump that’s at the same pressure as the air inside your shock, the air release is not from your shock, rather from the pump. 

Will this work on a a Doppler air shock?

It’s would depend on the valve stem, this will works on a bicycle.

Will this fits a 2015 road glide?

Yes, it will work for all Harley Davidson Touring models. Some years of Harley Davidson motorcycles used a female fitting instead of a male fitting. And this pump only works with a male threaded schrader air fitting

Could this be used to top a tires air pressure off in a pinch if down a few PSI?

In a pinch, yes, but this pump is more for precision adjustment versus rugged use. We recommend this pump to be strictly used for your bike shocks, and have an air compressor for your tires, or use a gas station air pump if on the road.

Is psi measured with the outer numbers on the gauge or the inner? the way it's labeled it looks like bar is inside and psi outside.

Correct. PSI on the outside. BAR on the inside

Does it have a 2-3 PSI bleed off button? 

Yes, this pump comes with bleed off button, which lets out about 2 psi per burst

Is each line 1 psi or to PSI in settlements the specs are conflicting one says one and the other says two? 

Above 10 psi each graduation is 1 psi. Below 10 psi there is an odd gap between 0 and 5 psi leaving an odd number of graduations. I wouldn't use this pump for anything less than 5 psi anyway, but it is accurate above that.


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