ALPHA MOTO Adjustable (12"-19") Wheel Choke Will Fits Wheel Size 16"-21" Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki

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This chock makes securing your motorcycle simple.

This high-quality wheel chock hold virtually any size motorcycle tire (from 16" to 21").

Simply roll or ride your bike into the wheel chock, and it securely clamps onto your front tire, holding it upright.

Rubber feet help prevent the chock from sliding.

This chock has a heavy duty construction with 1-1/2" steel tubing,

There are two eye loops for convenient strapping, when mounted in a trailer, this motorcycle chock makes hauling your bike easy.

Ride your bike into the stand and you can tie it down as the chock holds it upright, no front tie downs are needed - simply secure the rear of the motorcycle and this wheel chock does the rest.

Overall dimension: 23.5" x 21.75" x 17"