Tips For Personalizing Your Bike

Oct 28, 20
Tips For Personalizing Your Bike

Alpha Moto is your number one choice for motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories. We cater to those of you who enjoy working on your bike almost as much as actually riding it. If you’ve just bought a new or used motorcycle, you’re probably anxious to dive into the task of making your bike the perfect riding machine for you. Here are a few things you should consider when personalizing your new motorcycle.

Suspension So much of your bike’s responsiveness, safety, and performance depends on having the suspension setup specifically for your weight. Laden sag, rebound, and compression damping are all parameters that should be adjusted to match your weight and riding style, and will make a huge difference in your cycle’s handling.

Tires The fact that you have a new bike with new tires does not mean that they are actually good tires. On the contrary, many manufactures put cheap tires on their new motorcycles because they know the rest of the bike is really what sells it. Width, tread patterns, and overall quality can vary wildly, so be sure to select tires that match your riding style and get the best ones you can afford.

Rearset Upgrading your motorcycle’s rearset allows you to adjust the way your lower body rests on the bike. This can lead to a more comfortable ride, but it also affects the overall handling of the bike. When your lower body is perfectly mated to your motorcycle, you don’t need to place extra weight on the handlebars, giving you greater ease of steering and operation.

For the motorcycle aftermarket partstools, and accessories you need to make a bike all your own, The AlphaMoto has you covered. Shop our selection today!

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