Three Effective Ways To Increase Your Cycle’s Performance

Oct 28, 20
Three Effective Ways To Increase Your Cycle’s Performance

If you’re one of those people who love the adrenaline rush that can only be achieved when you’re on top of a powerful motorcycle, you’ve come to the right place! Alpha Moto specializes in bringing you aftermarket motorcycle parts, tools, and accessories to boost the performance of your riding machine. If you’re in search of ways to make your bike faster and more powerful, here are a few ideas.

Wheels If you’ve recently purchased a new motorcycle, chances are you’ll want to upgrade to aftermarket wheels that are lighter. Factory wheels tend to be heavy because they are made of cheaper materials, but magnesium alloy or even carbon fiber wheels are available to alleviate this extra weight and allow you to focus more of your engine’s power on actually building speed.

Exhaust System While also decreasing the overall weight of your bike, upgrading your exhaust system can have a tremendous impact on your bike’s power. Headers for each cylinder allow the engine to more efficiently rid itself of exhaust, resulting in improved throttle and torque.

Gearing Shortening your bike’s gearing, while possibly reducing your top speed, will lead to faster pickups. This may be a great option for street riding, where you’ll likely never even want to top out, but love the feel of a powerful bike surging forward with the slightest bit of throttle.

When you’re ready to take your bike’s performance to the next level, The Alpha Moto has aftermarket motorcycle parts and tools you need. We carry all the major brands, including Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, and Harley-Davidson. Shop our wide selection today, and enjoy the thrill of improved speed and acceleration!

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