How to choose the right motorcycle Cam Chain Breaker?

Nov 15, 20
How to choose the right motorcycle Cam Chain Breaker?

There are so many Cam Chain Breaker tools out there, it must be a frustrating experience when it comes to the decision of choosing the right one.

Here are some inside story about this chain breaker tool, it is a highly saturated product, flooded with cheap Chinese copies , which is exactly as below "review" mentioned here, sometimes stores sell it for  close $18 so the cost literally is around $5-6, just ask yourself a question, "at that kind of cost, what kind of quality can you expect?" But most people will be drawn to the cheaper ones just like the reviewer did previously, and just to find out later the cheaper one didn't work, in the picture it looks completely the same, but the metal they use is much inferior and then no way to sustain the force applied during the use which results the failure of the tool,  sometimes buyers might break the pins as well but mainly it is due to misuse, we strongly recommend the user to grind off the head of the pins first. The quality of our tool is at par with brand name tool, which usually is sold around $80-$100 range.

We actually discontinued the tool due to the severe competitions, the race to drive the price to the bottom, but later on we came to the realization that our tool quality is really good and as long as we are able to educate the buyer and let them understand the the differences between our tools and the cheaper tools and they will be able to make educated purchase decision on their own.  At the  same time we also negotiate with the manufacturer together a better discount by ordering larger quantity therefore we're able to price provide this tool at this deep discounted price at the same time without have to compromise the quality, in fact we work with the manufacturing and the refine the manufacturing process to enhance the metal hardness, which ensure this tool can sustain the force applied during normal use.

Actually, this particular buyer actually reach out to us and shared with us his experience of our chain breaker tool and the other similar tool , which gave us great satisfaction knowing we're doing the right thing by continuing offer this cam chain breaker tool.


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