Car Or Motorcycle Battery Dead, Don't Buy A New Battery, Buy A Smart Battery Charger.

Oct 28, 20
Car Or Motorcycle Battery Dead, Don't Buy A New Battery, Buy A Smart Battery Charger.

The Dirty Little Secret Dealers & Battery Stores Don't Want You To Know.

In the good old days battery chargers were simple AC tranformers that converted the 120 VAC to a rectified 12 volts DC and simply shut off once the battery was charged to a predetermined voltage between 12.8 volts to 14 volts. But with the advanced electronics used in todays battery chargers, they now have a built in set point voltage that they will only turn on and start charging in the charger senses a minimum of 10 Volts DC present on the battery.

So what happens when the unknowing consumer tries to charge their battery, and their home charger fails to charge the battery and they think they need a new battery. Often the simple truth is that the battery has simply discharged below 10 Volts DC and simply needs to be connected to an advanced smart charger such as our 7 stage smart battery charger.

The worst thing a consumer can do is run to the battery , dealer, or auto store , they are in business to make money and always tell your battery is dead and you need a new one.

They will never admit that your battery just needs to be simply recharged properly and brought up to the proper charging voltage.

Example true story , on my wife's car that was a 8 year old Nissan on its 2nd 3 yr old battery , we were taking a long distance trip in the car and didn't have time to do the basic safety maintenance you should do before every trip. So we stopped at the local quick oil change shop and asked them to look the car over and change oil. After about 5 minutes the manager calls me in and says everything is ok , but I need a new air filter and my battery is ready to die. The air filter is $10 and the battery is $150 , he shows me that the battery has less then 30 of its capacity on their expensive battery tester. I sensed it was just a BS sales pitch and decided to just connect the cars battery over night to our smart charger just in case. We left the next morning for a 3000 mile cross country trip without a single mechanical incident. Upon our return I stopped back at the same quick oil change shop and asked the technician be check the battery, to his amazement , it was now operating at 98 % capacity and he couldn't believe it.

Now 3 yrs later and the same battery is still going strong.

The newer smart chargers will sense a battery discharged below 10 Volts and will start to apply a pulsating lower voltage charge to slowly bring the battery up to the correctly charged voltage.

Our smart charger also feature desulfating feature that can actually repair or bring back to life some severely discharged battery, but it also depends on the batteries actual internal condition. If a battery is severely corroded or shorted between the plates, nothing will repair it and its time for a new battery.

So the moral to this story is , don't always buy a new battery just because some shop tells you need one, invest in a new smart charger and avoid buying a new battery before its due.

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