Multiple Purpose All In One Front Or Rear Motorcycle Lift Stand Swingarm Spool Paddle Lift

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This listing is for ONE 3-in-1 stand, it is ONLY one stand, but it can be used for three purpose:

1. Rear swingarm spool lift stand

2. swingarm pad lift rear stand to lift swingarm

3. front fork lift stand

it includes:

2 x pole legs with wheels

one front stand

U shape narrow handle (can also be used for rear stand on small, narrow swing arm street bikes and dirt bikes)

one rear stand U shape wide handle

one pair of rear V shape adapters  (requires swingarm spools to lift the bike ,swingarm spools are not included)

one pair of  L shape swingarm pad adapters

one pair of front adapters for front fork configurations to lift front fork through front fork pin

Four 3" Diameter Heavy Duty caster wheels

Includes all necessary bolts, nuts, washers and hardware