Four 54mm Oval Air Filter POD Filters Honda CB 750 C F K 79-82

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Attention: No Sales Or Shipping To The State of California Due to emission law
Product only to be used for off road and closed course competitions
Not be be used on public roads or highways

The listing is for Four 54mm (2.126 INCHES) airfilters (The listing is for four filters, when you ""buy it now"" from ebay, enter qty ""1"", you will receive four filters, buyer doesn't need to contact us to confirm they are for four filters)

Disclaimer: Following motorcycle models are for reference only, please measure your carburetor's mouth OD in order to get correct measurement.

54mm Frange Inside Diameter
3"" x 2"" Diameter at top (with ""Alphamoto"" logo)
3.25""x 2.75"" diameter at base
3.25"" Tall (please check against the clearance distance on your bike)
Comes with clamp
Washable can be oiled or run dry, (oil for better protection)

It will fit:
Yamaha -XS650 1970-1983 and Mikuni VM round slide carburetors 32mm, and 34mm, TMX/TMS/TM 32mm and 34mm flat slide carburetors.

1983 CB1000C
1979 CB750 limited edition
1980-1982 CB750C CUSTOM
1980-1982 CB750F SUPERSPORT
1979-1982 CB750K
1982-1983 CB750SC NIGHTHAWK
1980-1982 CB900C

1982-1985 GPZ750
1981-1983 KZ1000J
1981-1982 KZ1000K LTD
1981-1982 KZ1000M CSR
1982-1999 KZ1000P POLICE
1982-1983 KZ1000R
1981-1983 KZ1100A
1981-1982 KZ1100B GPZ
1982-1983 KZ1100D SPECTRE
1983 KZ1100L LTD
1980-1982 KZ750E
1980 KZ750F LTD
1980-1983 KZ750H LTD
1983 KZ750L
1982-1983 KZ750N SPECTRE
1984-1985 ZN1100B LTD
1983-1985 ZX750
1984-1986 ZX900 NINJA

1985-1986 GS700
1985 GS750E,
1980-1985 GS