Four 42MM Oval POD Air Filters Filter Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 KZ1000

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Attention: No Sales Or Shipping To The State of California Due to emission law
Product only to be used for off road and closed course competitions
Not be be used on public roads or highways

The listing is for Four 42mm (1.6535inches) airfilters

(when you "buy it now" from ebay, enter qty "1", you will receive four filters, buyer doesn't need to contact us to confirm they are for four filters)

Disclaimer: Following motorcycle models are for reference only, please measure your carburetor's mouth OD in order to get correct measurement. (especially if the model is mentioned, but year is not specified, the size may be different for different year) .Seller will not be responsible for return due to wrong size. We also have 39mm, 52mm, 54mm, 60mm avaliable, please check our store.

This is universal filters, pls check all the measurement listed:

3" x 2" Diameter at top (with "Alphamoto" logo)

3.25"x 2.75" diameter at base

3.25" Tall (please check against the clearance distance on your bike)

Comes with clamp

Chrome end cap

Washable can be oiled or run dry, (oil for better protection)

It will fit:


1983-1984 GPZ1100
1977-1980 KZ1000 LTD
1978-1981 KZ1000 POLICE
1977-1980 KZ1000A
1978 KZ1000D
1980 KZ1000D
1979-1980 KZ1000E
1976-1977 KZ900A
1976 KZ900B LTD
1973-1975 Z1 900


1978-1979 GS1000
1978-1980 GS1000E
1979 GS1000L
1979 GS1000SS
1977-1979 GS750

It is made to be clamped directly to the back of your carb. By installing a filter on each carb you reduce restriction from the air box and, allow each cylinder to breathe on its own.