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Turn Signals

LED Turn Signals for Motorcycles

One of the easiest and most visually dramatic customization projects for any motorcycle is the turn signals. The AlphaMoto carries universal motorcycle turn signal kits and LED turn signals made specifically for your bike’s make and model. Along with our selection of headlights and tail lights, we have all of your motorcycle lighting needs covered. We have the motorcycle aftermarket parts that you need to improve your bike’s visual appearance while at the same time optimizing its safety. When it comes to effective and efficient motorcycle lighting, LED motorcycle turn signals are easily installed, make for an efficient use of space, and are safer than incandescent turn signals. A few small LEDs can replace a greater number of incandescent bulbs and do so in a much smaller space. Due to reduced power consumption of LEDs, if your bike currently uses incandescent bulbs, you will need load resistor to bring the flash rate down to normal.

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