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Motorcycle Handlebars: Harley, Café Racer, Chopper & More

Owning and riding a motorcycle should be about the freedom of the open road, the wind in your face, bugs in your teeth, and most of all, having fun every time you ride. But if you find yourself reaching for a bottle of painkillers to relieve your aching neck, back, and wrists every time you climb off your bike, it just might be time to rethink your motorbike handlebars. Because every rider is different, The AlphaMoto carries a wide variety of motorcycle aftermarket parts to create the perfect fit on any bike. While a new Mikuni carburetor or a Spike air cleaner can drastically improve your bike’s performance, no motorcycle upgrades are as effective at improving handling than a pair of well-chosen handlebars.

What type of rider are you? Do you prefer to lean back and relax while you enjoy the scenery passing by, or are you exhilarated by speed and raw power? The type of motorcycle handlebars should reflect your bike and style of riding, and they help you to dial in the ultimate fit, comfort, and handling of your motorcycle.