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Frame sliders

Protect your Bike with a Frame Slider Kit

If you ride then you know it is not a matter of if you lay it down but when. Riding a bike is fun, but the fact remains that most riders will lay their bikes down at some point in time; the question is one of damage, yours and the bike. For you a helmet and full dress gear is the armor of choice, for the bike there are motorcycle frame sliders. Motorcycle frame sliders are small accessories specifically created to prevent damage to your bike if it is dropped or involved in a crash.

What frame sliders do is lower the force of impact by allowing the bike to land on the sliders and gradually coast or skid to a natural stop rather than an abrupt one.

Frame sliders work in three ways; they break off taking the main force of impact away from the bike, they absorb and spread the force over a larger area to reduce damages and they create friction allowing the bike to skid to a natural rather than abrupt stop.

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