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Engine stator cover

Stator Covers for Honda & Suzuki GSX-R

Engine covers are made of aluminum, they are not only look great, they are also designed to add strength, protect your motorcycle. Those covers will ensure when your bike hits the ground, the vital fluids stay inside the motor and the gravel will stay out, allowing rider to get back to riding as soon as possible.

A good looking bike starts with a good looking stator cover. The stator cover can be adorned with the insignia of the motorcycle manufacturer, such as a Honda stator cover, CBR stator cover or Suzuki stator cover. Aftermarket stator covers are also available in a number of other patterns or an embossing.

The ease with which the engine stator is replaced makes it possible to have several stator covers to fit any mood or occasion. No matter the taste of the rider, there is no doubt that they will find something that suits their preference. Bright shiny aluminum or a harsh brushed nickel finish, the stator cover is a statement that you and your bike are different from the rest.

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