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Spike Air Cleaner

Spike Air Cleaners Improve your Bike’s Performance

The main purpose of an air cleaner is to keep foreign objects such as dirt, dust and bugs from being sucked into your carburetor and shortening the life of your engine, but they also do other things. Air cleaners help regulate the amount of air that enters the fuel mixture and allows fresh cool air to circulate which helps to keep your bike’s running temperature from getting too hot, but who says they have to be ugly?

Our high quality Spike air cleaners are an excellent way to add a little style to your engine quickly, easily and inexpensively without sacrificing performance. Choose between the ever popular chrome finish Spike intake filters or a flat black for contrast for an aggressive and unique finish that is sure to make your bike standout.

At we offer the best prices on all your Suzuki, Honda and Harley Davidson Spike air cleaners. Enjoy super-fast order processing and Free Shipping on orders above $75.

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